I’m sad… but… I’m glad?

Indfirstnaz   -  

A few vulnerable thoughts from Pastor Andrew:

I write this as I’m siting on the front steps of the church.

I’m sad… I’m sad that we can’t meet face to face right now.
I’m sad… I’m sad that we have this beautiful church building and we can’t meet in it.
I’m sad… I’m sad at all the bitterness and destruction this disease is causing for people all over our community and the world.
I’m sad… I’m sad to see the amount of hurt this has caused me and this congregation to go through
I’m sad because I just want to go back. Sure we will have safe restrictions in place, but even then, I just want to be back even if we’re trying to all talk through masks. It worked for Darth Vader right?


I’m also glad…

I’m glad… I’m glad we have servants in this church who care enough about the upkeep of it! A big thank you is owed to Mike and Nancy Detwiler who mowed this fresh lawn for us
I’m glad… I’m glad that even in the midst of this, God is still doing great things through our church
I’m glad… I’m glad that our congregation has grown through this new online platform
I’m glad… I’m glad because I have the hope that we can meet together soon. That’s the only thing I want
I’m glad… I’m glad that even apart, I can still talk to you all and minister to you when you need it! I love you all!
I’m glad… I’m glad that we have people interested in baptism, people interested in membership, in becoming a part of this wonderful family that we call Indiana First!
I’m glad… I’m glad that soon this will all be over and that soon WE WILL BE TOGETHER! Trust me on this!

I’m glad…


I’m especially glad that God is still with us in the midst of this!

We’ve got this folks! #patienceoverpassion #itsabiblestudything #youllunderstandtomorrow